MATTHEW CONNER: How to control bunker shots

Matthew Conner's Golf Tips
Matthew Conner's Golf Tips

Over the last two weeks all I seem to have had is phone call after phone call from players struggling to get the ball out of bunkers with any control, or even just hit the ball from out of the bunkers.

These four tips have helped these golfers and should help you as well.

1) In your address position transfer more weight onto your front foot - around 70 to 80%. This will help to create a steeper descent angle into the ball. Most golfers try to help the ball out of the sand rather than driving the club into the sand.

2) Open your stance as much as you want to open the clubface. This will help you to use the sand wedge correctly as opening the clubface will help the bounce of the club.

This in turn creates a sliding motion under the ball, stopping the leading edge from digging into the sand.

3) Make sure that your swing is nice and full. You will generally see most tour players finishing with a nice long follow through.

At the same time keep your tempo smooth, this will give you the feeling that you can control the distance that the ball will travel.

4) The strike is very important, without this you will struggle to gain any consistency at all from bunkers. Make sure that you aim to strike the sand one inch behind the ball.

By using this technique you will become more consistent in all types of sand conditions.

As the golf season is just around the corner it is worth spending 30 minutes in a practice bunker two or three times a week.

This will help to prepare you for a good summer of golf.