MATTHEW CONNER: Make the correct impact

Matthew Conner's golf tips
Matthew Conner's golf tips

The driving range is starting to fill up most evenings with eager golfers just waiting for the competition season to start.

Rather than just blasting ball after ball, it is worth taking a step back from hitting and just focus on some practise swings making sure you are gaining the correct feeling for a good impact position.

Look at the following areas below more closely in order to improve your impact position.

1. Weight shift

Shifting your weight onto your front foot in the downswing is important.

Making sure that your weight moves into the left heel allows the front leg to straighten.

At the same time the heel of the back foot should be lifting from off the ground helping to push the weight forward.

2. Hips

At impact the lower body should rotate and you should feel as though your belt buckle is pointing towards the target at impact.

A good hip movement will help deliver the club head on a good path.

3. Body

So the hips have rotated and are pointing towards the target.

What you are looking for the upper half of your body to do at impact is to still face the ball.

The front shoulder should be higher than the back shoulder

Improving the impact position will help you hit straighter and longer golf shots.

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