MATTHEW CONNER: Molinari’s putting tips for Snainton chief Hinchliffe

Matthew Conner's golf tips
Matthew Conner's golf tips

This week I have been given a tip from Snainton Golf Centre’s managing director and PGA Professional John Hinchliffe.

Nowadays John is busy running Snainton Golf so he doesn’t manage to play too many competitive rounds of golf.

He does however attend a variety of corporate events.

On one of these occasions he received a putting tip from Francesco Molinari which has helped with his inconsistent putting.

John suffered in most rounds of golf from one or two three putts and too many missed short putts.

He explained to me how Francesco’s tip has helped him.

He said: “I have always struggled with consistency when putting. I played with Francesco a couple of years ago and he noted my putting stroke was not that smooth and was causing inconsistent distance control.

“He told me to imagine attaching a paint brush to the end of your putter and trying to paint a smooth line when swinging the putter back and through.

“This instantly gave me the idea of keeping my putting stroke smooth in the backswing and through swing.

“I then found this improved the control I had on my short putts and more importantly the longer putts I was faced with.

“Even though I do not get the chance to play much I still picture a paint brush on the end of my putter when practising and playing.”

If you struggle to control the distance the ball travels for long and short putts give the same tip a try.