MATTHEW CONNER: Rushing to the first tee is a common mistake

Matthew Conner's Golf Tips
Matthew Conner's Golf Tips

Last weekend one of the students I was coaching asked me about the best way to warm up before you play.

He also mentioned that he rushes from work to get to the club on an evening which enables him to play 18 holes.

Golf is an athletic activity, so you must get your body warmed up if you want to play your best.

It would be great to be able to have an hour warm up routine before you play, like the tour players do.

However in most cases in amateur golf you find yourself rushing to the first tee as my student did.

If you have just five minutes to warm up, you can still give yourself the best chance to play well.

Place two irons together and swing them, the extra weight of swinging two irons will help you turn and help you stretch the muscles you use in the swing.

This will get your body ready to swing the club.

Start by hitting a few balls with a wedge then a few with your six-iron and finish with your driver.

Try and maintain a smooth swing from starting with the wedge working up to the driver.

Focus on creating a solid contact, at this stage you do not want to focus on mechanical fixes.

Before you head to the first tee, stop off at the practice green.

Take three balls and putt them to different holes of around 15 to 25 feet away, focusing mainly on speed.

Try to hit uphill and downhill putts, and then finish off by holing some four-foot putts. This will give you confidence for when you get to the first green.

When you arrive at the first tee, remember to take your time.

If you are rushing, this will cause a quick tempo on the first tee which can produce a wild tee shot.

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