Matthew Conner's Golf Tips: From range to course

Matthew Conner's Golf Tips
Matthew Conner's Golf Tips

At the beginning of the week I was coaching one of my students, Gary.

We started by having a chat about how he was getting on.
He hadn’t managed to play on the course much recently, due to the weather but he had been down to the range most weeks.
He commented on how he was hitting the driver on the driving range far better than on the course.
The way Gary felt on the range was more relaxed than on the tee at the course.
This was due to the holes on the course being tree-lined so he felt tense as he didn’t want to hit the ball into trouble.
With this we decided to go out and hit some tee shots on the course where he had a target to aim at and we could practice trying to replicate the same relaxed feeling he has on the range.
We deliberately avoided getting mechanical - we both knew that this would get Gary uptight and make his swing worse.
We focused on trying to stay relaxed. Much like placing a plane on auto-pilot, you still have to push a few buttons but then you can sit back and enjoy the flight.
The button to press to start the swing was the feeling of not rushing his routine. With a smooth uncomplicated swing all of the elements of the swing have time to happen.
With this he was able to reproduce the same relaxed feeling he has on the driving range.
So if you struggle to hit the driver well on the course try this relaxed feeling to help you hit the driver better.