MATTHEW CONNER'S GOLF TIPS - The importance of practising properly

Matt Conner's Golf Tips
Matt Conner's Golf Tips

When I walk up and down the driving range, I often see golfers making mistakes when they practise.

If you ever watch an elite player practise it looks very different to a club golfer.

They are a lot more deliberate with each shot rather than just whacking balls.

Over the next two weeks I am going to give you six drills that you can use in your practise sessions to help to improve the way you practise.

These drills will stretch your comfort zone but in turn this will help you to reduce your handicap.

1. Practise with purpose.

It is easy just to keep hitting balls when working on the full swing.

Try to have one or two practise swings.

For example if you are working on a flatter backswing make a purposeful rehearsal which focuses on the backswing being flatter, then repeat the feeling when hitting the shot.

This will help you to reinforce the new skill you’re trying to learn.

It also focuses you on the important process of the swing, not just the quality of the strike with the ball.

2. Play the course

I have written about this before but I feel like it is an important way to practise so will mention it again.

Try to play an entire nine or 18 holes without the putts. If the first hole is a driver from the tee, then 6-iron for the second shot, hit these clubs in succession.

Choose a target and try to picture the hole in your head; now go through your normal routine.

This drill helps to improve two skills- it makes you hit your clubs in a random order just like you would on the course. It also helps you to improve your visualisation.

3. Five out of five chipping.

On the practice green, take five balls and hit chips of various lengths to different holes.

The idea is to not leave the practice green until you have chipped five out of five balls within the club you are using away from the hole.

Once you have completed with one club, each time you go to the range try it with different clubs.

Try to complete this drill with all your irons in the bag.

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