Robertson leads home Scarborough contingent at bumper 10k

Runners get ready for the start of the 2015 McCain Yorkshire Coast 10k
Runners get ready for the start of the 2015 McCain Yorkshire Coast 10k

Fifty-eight Scarborough Athletic Club members competed in the Yorkshire Coast 10 kilometre road race, and despite the challenge of an increased entry with 1,570 finishers, both the men’s and women’s teams achieved victory.

The winning men’s team was led home by Jack Robertson, who was bidding to be the club’s first overall winner of the event, and after a hard battle with some top athletes finished up in sixth place.

Jack Robertson led home the Scarborough AC runners

Jack Robertson led home the Scarborough AC runners

Robertson was followed by Mark Colling in ninth overall and most notably the first over-50.

Chris Duck completed the winning team when finishing in 20th overall.

This was a notable result for Duck, who in the last four weeks had competed in a international triathlon for Great Britain Veterans, then led the club’s cross country team in a league race.

The winning women’s team was led by Rhona Haslam, who ran a personal best time to finish fourth woman, but was officially placed third due to late entry rules.

Haslam was followed home by Hannah Mainprize, who also ran a personal best to finish eighth woman.

Hester Butterworth completed the scoring team in only her second road race this year when finishing 20th woman overall and second of the over-45s after moving up the age groups last month.

In addition to the age group success by members of the winning teams, Neil Scruton was once again the first over-65, Dave Baldwin second over-50 and Liz Raper third over-65.

Complete Scarborough Athletic Club finishing times

Male: J. Robertson 35.06, M. Colling 35.53, C. Duck 37.35, M. Middleton 38.14, D. Baldwin 38.46, R. Maw 40.13, S. Kelly 40.25, N.Scruton 41.30, N. Pearcey 41.50, O. Willis 42.01, R. Powell 41.59, M. Tomczak 42.48, G Hewitt 43.22, R, Millard 43.27, G. Cromak 44.18, P. Chapman 44.18, S. Tymon 44.41, C. Bourne 45.09, J, Harper 44.51, M. Corner 45.36, J. Johnson 47.03, M. May 47.16, J.Poulter 47.25, M. Teasdale 52.38, S.Flintoft 52.29, A. Burlingham 59.15, M. Padgham 62.17, K. Debenham 74.53, R. Aghanian 81.28

Female: R. Haslam 41.00, H. Mainprize 42.06, H. Butterworth 43.54, H. Bayes 46.02, J. Abbott 46.57, E. Simmons 48.06, A. Fewster 48.33, L. Bourne 49.33, S. Wade 51.33, M. Fletcher 51.34, F. Hunton-Young 51.48, J. Langham 53.29, O. Butterworth 54.43, F. Hethershaw 54.03, E. Wardman 57.10, A. Hornsby 57.23, L. Davidson 58.29, L. Raper 60.05, S. Field 59.57, L. Bradman 60.54, S. Crookes 60.19, C.Pelluci 60.45, M. Padgham 62.17, D. Smythe 63.36, K. Settle 66.14, P. Crawford 69.57, L. Baker 72.06, H. Debenham 74.53, K.Jackson 90.11.