Lovely Jubilee!

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A MASSIVE budget has been set aside to help Hunmanby celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in style.

The parish council has announced that £5,000 has been earmarked to help the town mark the historic event on June 4.

And discussions are already under way as to how the money should be spent.

One idea that has seemingly gained the unanimous backing of the council is the idea of a huge street party in the centre of the village.

Cllr David Wells, who is also the landlord of The Cottage, has been proposed to organise the event, after enjoying previous success in organising Cottage Aid.

He said he was looking forward to “a good old fashioned party”, adding: “We are wanting stuff like brass bands, a Wurlitzer, tea and cake, for what we want to be an old fashioned English day.

“We want a really big party to celebrate it. I was in Leeds in 1977 (for the Silver Jubilee) and I remember big street parties, with neighbours coming out with sandwiches and cakes, and everybody just having a really good time, so hopefully we can do something like that again.”

Although plans are still very much at the discussion stage, the event would almost certainly happen outside the pub, and a large section of the surrounding area would have to be closed.

At the parish council meeting, it was hoped that the event would create “a carnival atmosphere”.

The current proposals would see the town draped in patriotic colours, with food, music and stalls run by local groups such as the Women’s Institute

Plans are also in place to have a ‘Prince and Princess’ for the day, possibly asking

local school children to fill the roles.

Cllr Wells added that the event would probably be held on the bank holiday Monday, rather than the Tuesday, to encourage a bigger turnout.

It is hoped that the event would be comparable to the scenes in 1977, when the nation came together to celebrate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee.

Back then, makeshift tables spanning the length of streets were assembled as entire communities came together, uniting in celebration as national pride swept through the country.

Hunmanby council are also hoping that some of the money can be spent on “a lasting legacy” for the village.

It was proposed that some of the budget be set aside to possibly restore the original town stocks, or to carry out refurbishment work within the village.

And Filey is also getting in on the act. Although plans are again at the embryonic stage, Gina Robinson, clerk for Filey Town Council, confirmed that she is hoping the town can partake in the nationwide beacon lighting, which is taking place to mark the event.

In total, 2,012 beacons will be lit, and the Filey Lions have been approached to help out.

No other plans have been confirmed by Filey council. However, more are likely to be discussed closer to the date.

Hunmanby Council have also asked members of the village to come forward with suggestions as to how the money could be spent, urging the decision be “put to the village”.

Any ideas must be submitted to the council office at the Community Centre, and will be discussed at an upcoming council meeting.

Cllr Wells has also asked any residents who wishes to contact him, or have any ideas, to call him on 01723 892475.