Travelling art impresses

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STUDENTS at Filey School had their eyes opened by an unusual collection of paintings depicting the Romany lifestyle and culture in Albania.

The pictures, by Ferndinand Koci, were part of a 25-piece exhibition touring schools throughout North Yorkshire.

Assistant headteacher Julia Waines said: “The artist is from a traveller gypsy background and depicts the lifestyle, culture and values of the community he grew up in. A lot of his work has been exhibited in Leeds.

“We only had the exhibition for three days, but we invited people to come and have a look, and the students and staff have all looked at it. Some of the students have done creative writing and the pictures have generated quite a few discussions.

“In terms of raising awareness it’s been very useful and the children have been surprised by the range of styles, including watercolours and pencil drawings.”

The paintings were on display throughout the school, including corridors and classrooms.