Village in need of library views

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RESIDENTS in Hunmanby are being urged to voice their opinions about the future of the library.

Hunmanby library, in Stonegate is threatened with closure as North Yorkshire County Council strives to make savings of £1.7 million.

The authority has told residents in Hunmanby that if they want the service to remain they will have to run it themselves as volunteers.

In response to the move The Friends of Hunmanby Library called a public meeting this week in a bid to gage opinion in the village, and how many volunteers, if any, would be willing to take over the service.

However, with only 30 people attending the meeting, held at Hunmanby Community Centre, it was felt a true representation of the village’s wishes could not be determined..

Parish cllr Michelle Donohue-Moncrieff, who chaired the meeting, said: “As a group we are not in a position to make a decision on behalf of everyone in the village. It is not for one person to say one way or another..

“That is why we need to know what the public opinion is.”

Residents at the meeting were reluctant to make commitments to volunteering as they felt they had not had enough information from the county council about what running the library would entail.

Concerns were raised about running costs and training for volunteers.

It was decided that The Friends of Hunmanby Library would continue their discussions with the council, and try to ascertain more information about the practicalities involved in running the library.

In the mean time a ‘mail shot’ would be sent around Hunmanby and the surrounding villages to gather a wider public opinion before a next meeting.

Library friends group member Eddie Flory said: “We need to know that the village as a whole actually wants this library otherwise we are wasting our time.”