Festival set to wet the appetitite of Filey food fans

23/03/10 Filey'Pix for Filey Local'Evron Centre'101218e
23/03/10 Filey'Pix for Filey Local'Evron Centre'101218e

Foodies are set to flock to Filey this weekend for the town’s first ever food festival – and organisers hope the event is here to stay,

The first ever Food and Drink Festival will be held at the Evron Centre this weekend .

The idea of the festival is to showcase the town’s superb 
local produce, with stalls selling a range of goodies including free-range local pork, chocolates, prize winning pies, bread, home cooked meals and much more.

Initial plans were revealed for the event earlier this year, and organisers hoped that the event would bring thousands to the town.

And although “technical hiccups” meant that planning for the event couldn’t start until August, organiser Chris Elley is hoping that this year’s event will give the festival a solid footing to work on in the future.

“This is only the first one, and we are really hopeful that we can expand on this for next year.

“We are really hopeful that this will make people aware of the fantastic local produce available to them in this area.”

Mr Elley said that the idea came to him after visiting other food festivals in North Yorkshire, and added that he felt the region had local produce just as good as anywhere in the country.

“When you look at Filey, the seafood is second to none, and you have great local traders like (butcher) Adrian Colling, producing great local food.”

Cooking demonstrations at the festival will include various ideas on how to cook local meat, fish and other products that will appeal to all ages.

Kate Landels representing the Station Hotel will 
be potting crab as one of 
the demonstrations.

Bonhommes bar on the Crescent will be having a Yorkshire beer festival for the full week and will feature Filey brewed ales, which will include a special festival beer that
will have to be drunk with caution.

Stalls will also be present in the Crescent and Glen Gardens. The festival is open each day between 9.30pm and 5pm.

Entry to the event will be free, with the festival based in rooms 21 and 22 of the Evron, along with the rear suncourt.