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Letter: Why can’t any public views be heeded?

We have confirmation of what we already knew - councillors simply don’t care what the public want.

Problems with TV signal has been going on for several weeks.

Letter: Digital viewing lacks vision

The peak television viewing period on Saturday (May 13) seemed to be affected by interference particularly about 7.30pm to 9pm mainly on ITV1 whilst watching Britain’s Got Talent and also later on BBC2 during Dad’s Army.

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Thank you to voters.

Letter: Thank you for voting for me

This is to thank those who voted for me in the Falsgrave and Stepney division.

Appeal for information on Earnest Gambart Baines.

Letter: Descendant of Earnest Gambert Baines researching family history

I have been researching this man, Earnest Gambart Baines, as he is my great great great grandfather (there could be one more great in there, not sure) and I am looking for anyone who can give me any information about him. I believe I contacted John Webb just before he died but lost touch. I would appreciate any help you could give me.

Retired armed forces personnel are entitled to wear an armed forces veterans lapel badge.

Letter: Ex-service veterans can apply for badge

All retired armed forces personnel are entitled to wear an armed forces veterans lapel badge.

Students are the real ones to suffer.

Letters: Don’t blame the pupils for strategies

Re the article on Graham school and the public comments which mention the headteacher’s early retirement and possible financial package:

Jukebox appeal was a success.

Letter: Appeal for help to fix jukebox was a success

Thank you for printing my appeal for a jukebox expert to help mend our Rockola. We’ve been contacted by a local chap who can assist.

Grateful thanks for supporting charity.

Letter: Customers’ generosity is appreciated

On behalf of Scarborough Friends of Martin House we would like to thank staff and customers of Sainsbury’s, Falsgrave, for raising £694.83 on Saturday, April 8.

Futurist site would be ideal for a new multi-screen cinema.

Letter: A multi-screen cinema ... at the Futurist

Surely the obvious solution the Futurist theatre/multi-cinema debate would be to refurbish the theatre as a multi-screen cinema. Good handy parking at the underground park nearby, as well as Valley Road and South Cliff.

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Scarborough Council should follow the example of other authorities and impose fines for feeding seagulls.

Letter: Council should follow example of other authorities

Huge fines for seagull feeding has been introduced by Aldeburgh Council in Suffolk – this authority is extending the £2,500 maximum littering fine to include feeding of seagulls.

Sincere thanks to good Samaritans from Filey.

Letter: Couple on the moors showed great kindness

On Friday, April 28, my wife and I were walking in the moors above Goathland. My wife had an accident, breaking her ankle.

Lifeguard's actions deserves recognition.

Letter: Lifeguards deserve recognition

I was on the North Bay beach when I witnessed a young lifeguard go to the aid of a group of young men who were on the rocks at low tide.

Where are the cycle racks?

Letter: Tour ... but no cycle racks

As Scarborough completes its hat-trick with the Tour de Yorkshire, how ironic that many of the bike racks in the town centre have been removed.

Isnt it time we were sensitive to the public needs.

Letter: Need for more sensitivity

I was pleased to see the letter from Reg Taylor (Letters, April 27) drawing attention to the removal of the public toilets near the skateboard park on the Marine Drive – a facility much used by locals all year round.
Plea for help in repairing juke box.

Letter: Can anyone fix our jukebox?

I own The King And Cask Scarborough on North Marine Road.

Roadworks need to be planned better.

Letter: Council should protect public

We are all aware that the utility companies have to periodically carry out maintenance.
Dismay at the loss of the toilets on Marine Drive.

Letter: Hundreds will be affected by loss of toilets

I noted with dismay the loss of the toilets on Marine Drive. Myself and my family have used these toilets many times over the years and noticed the hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of locals and visitors who have used them especially at weekends and holiday time. There were ladies, gentlemen and a disabled toilet.

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Scarborough Council lacks credibility and public respect.

Letter: Council lacks credibility and public respect

Here in Scarborough at least a decade of misrule is too much to condone ... in our own Town Hall, a culture of self-interest lies beneath a thinly-veiled contempt for everyone else.

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Make your vote count in the local elections this week.

Letter: Make your precious vote count

With the local council elections only a few days away it might be useful to remind those intending on casting their precious votes that, only a few months ago, some of our councillors, now asking for re-election, were quite happy to go against the wishes of many of their constituents by voting to demolish the Futurist.

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Howard Beaumont's lunchtime concerts are a real treat.

Letter: Lunchtime concerts are a delight

We had the great pleasure of going along to the Scarborough Library to the lunchtime concert as we have done for a number of weeks in the past.

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