‘This town wants KFC’ say public as traders continue objections

Sydenham sports to be a KFC.Picture Richard Ponter 140720
Sydenham sports to be a KFC.Picture Richard Ponter 140720

Fast food fans have jumped to the support of KFC’s bid to open a Scarborough branch, after town centre traders formally objected to plans.

Huntriss Row business owners have attempted to put the brakes on the KFC move into the street, claiming it will act as a magnet for “gangs” as they warn it could ultimately put local traders out of business.



Joseph and Allison Ferns, owners of Le Cafe Jardin, are among the latest business owners on the street to protest to the plans, claiming the store would lead to an increase in “intimidating” drunken youths.

But letters of support have flooded into the town hall, with members of the public claiming the store is “what the people of Scarborough want”.

“I think it will be good for the town, of all the fast food outlets KFC is the best and has a ready audience in waiting,” said Malcolm Waller, of Scholes Park Road.

Filey’s Carole Crabbe also threw her support behind the plans, claiming she had been “disappointed” to read in The Scarborough News of the objections to the scheme, especially considering the number of empty units in the town centre.

And she said the restaurant can “only enhance Scarborough”.

Departments from both North Yorkshire Police and the County Council have both stated they have no objection to the plans, nor has Scarborough Council’s Environmental Health officers.

But fresh objections are still coming into the council .

Among the latest opponents are Mr and Mrs Mort, of the nearby Emma’s Coffee Lounge.

In a lengthy technical letter of objection, they warn that if the plan is passed, it will have a “negative effect” on the surrounding highways – and the store would be of “great detriment” to nearby road safety.

And the couple, who have operated their buisness for 22 years, say that the largely teenage crowds existing fast food shops attract will leave their patrons “intimidated” – and that if the plans are passed, KFC will attract “disorder” to the street.


For – Tim Mosey

“I fear for my home town. Without large companies coming to Scarborough town centre how can it hope to attract others?

“As things stand most young people are interested in going to York or Hull as Scarborough does not have the amenities that people require.

“This can clearly be seen by the Facebook group requesting a KFC now at 5,839 people.

“According to the 2001 census the population is 50,135 meaning that over 10 per cent of the local population have requested it.”

Against – Mrs D Bell

“Environmental issues – greasy food and rubbish being strewn in the street, a problem already experienced further up the street in the area surrounding McDonalds.

“Undesirable clientèle – groups/gangs of youths congregating outside the premises displaying rowdy and noisy behaviour.”