Bustling happy atmosphere of Florios of Malton

Florios, Malton
Florios, Malton

Florios, Malton

It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, this popular joint is always packed full of happy customers.

Florios, which opened in the town in 1984, is the definition of cheap and cheerful.

Having visited numerous times the Italian restaurant is always filled with chatter and laughter and I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a dining experience without the staff singing happy birthday to a customer.

The interior is simple and fairly traditional but it is the constant bustling atmosphere which gives Florios such a warm and friendly feel. Our waitress was attentive and always had a smile on her face.

To start the four of use decided to share a tomato garlic bread.

The garlic wasn’t overpowering and the tomato topping was rich with flavour. Two slices each was more than enough as we knew just how big our mains would be.

Pizza is without doubt my favourite food but I decided to mix it up ever so slightly by ordering a calzone (a pizza which has been folded in half).

It’s the first time I’ve been served the dish with bolognese on top rather than your bog-standard tomato sauce.

At first I was dubious but I was pleasantly surprised with the meaty topping.

The pizza dough was perfectly cooked and the filling of ham, mushroom, spinach and cheese was delicious – and there was plenty there.

The size of the dish was somewhat daunting and I only managed to eat half before I had to admit defeat and ask for my leftovers to be boxed up – and here comes my only complaint. We were charged 50p for the pizza box (which it does specify on the menu) but thought was a bit harsh considering we boxed up the leftovers so that we weren’t too full to order dessert.

My cousins both ordered pizza to which there were no complaints and they were both impressed by the quantity of topping.

While my aunt ordered a lasagne, she said the béchamel sauce was beautifully creamy and didn’t overpower the tomato.

Both the pizza and the lasagne were on the happy hour menu (which runs all night on a weekday) so only cost £6.45 each – very reasonable for the quality and quantity of the food served.

For dessert I ordered the tiramisu which deserves praise for presentation. I prefer the dish to be a bit creamier and Florios’ version focuses more on the cake than cream, but it was still a delicious end to my meal.

Florios is the perfect family spot for a cheerful dining experience with good Italian food.

Staff were friendly and attentive and the atmosphere is like nowhere else I’ve visited in Malton.

Its deserving popularity and good reputation is built on delicious food that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.