Dining Out: ASK Italian, North Wharf, South Bay Sandside, Scarborough

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A pleasant stroll along Scarborough’s vibrant seafront, in good spirits ahead of the Champions League final, got us in the mood for a lunchtime visit to Ask Italian.

We walked along the seafront past the site of the Futurist and it instantly brought back happy memories of past performances, as we reminisced about some of the theatre, comedy and music we’ve enjoyed there down the years.

Whatever your opinion on this divisive topic, it is still sad to see this former behemoth of the entertainment industry making way for a new tourist attraction.

We arrived at Ask in good time before the restaurant started to fill, although the outdoor seating area catered for those who fancied dining al fresco in the sun.

We were shown to our table by the very efficient and friendly staff and we were all treated to a small glass of Sicilian lemonade while we perused the menu. Both the kids, who were unusually quiet – a novelty in itself on review day – started their children’s meals with the veg sticks and my daughter Ashleigh in particular liked the cumcumber (that’s not a typo, she’s most insistent that it is cumcumber).

She had pasta for her mains while my son Jordan choose pizza with ham and pepperoni. Both vanished quickly (the meals, not the kids), so take it they were okay. My wife Emma and I warmed up by sharing a garlic bread, which came with balsamic onion – a new addition to the menu and not dissimilar to one we’d had before at Zizzi.

What I like about Ask is that it thinks outside the (pizza) box. It’s not just your common or garden cheese and tomato or ham and pineapple, the chefs are quite inventive.

The slow cooked lamb pizza topping sounded enticing – as did the fiery N’duja sausage meat with optional chillies – but I went for the beef and gorgonzola, which offered a very satisying blend.

Emma enjoyed her Pollo Milanese, which was breaded butterfly chicken with new potatoes, broccoli and mushroom sauce.

On to desserts – and a bit of a mixed bag. My gelato gondola, with chocolate, hazelnut and pistachio ice creams, was very good; however, the one dessert I was looking forward to more, if only from a visual perspective, was Emma’s chocolate Etna.

What should have happened was the hot sauce, when poured over the chocolate cup, should have stripped back the exterior to reveal the scoop of vanilla ice cream inside. Except the sauce wasn’t hot enough and it turned out a bit like a failed science experiment. Tasted okay though.

On the whole, good grub, a little pricier than average but would be more than happy to eat there again.

As for the Champions League, that was a Real disappointment.