Theatre: Rock On Henry

Tim Tubbs, Chris Gray, Dave Blaker and Josephine Pimm.
Tim Tubbs, Chris Gray, Dave Blaker and Josephine Pimm.

Westborough Methodist Hall, Scarborough, Saturday March 3 at 7pm

Scarborough Community Choir, Sandside Players and Sandside Orchestra will be giving you the chance to a see a new version of Rock On Henry.

Any former students of Graham School and Scarborough College who attended in the early 1980s may have been involved in the musical.

The musical is by Scarborough Community Choir musical director Bill Scott (music) and former head of Humanities at Graham School Peter Kaye (book and lyrics) revised with additional material by Tim Tubbs and Dave Blaker.

The piece is a lively musical trip around the life of Henry VIII. The musical has several musical anachronism and the magpie musical score references sources as diverse as William Byrd, Staus Quo and Duran Duran.

Along with the Sandside players and orchestra the concert involves more than 100 performers.

Frank James will be the guest soloist.

The pianist will perform the first movement of Tchaikovsky’s Piano concerto no1 in Bb minor.

The concert will begin with a folksy element. The choir will reprise conductor Bill Scott’s arrangements of two north eastern folk tunes, Dance to Your Daddy and The Water Of Tyne. An additional folk song comes from the West Country when the choir will perform the tune made famous by Terry Wogan, the Floral Dance.

The first half will conclude with a commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One. Alongside performances of Keep The Homes Fires Burning, Band Of Brothers and Goodbye-ee, Gill Pullen will read one of Winifred Lett’s poems reflecting on the great war.

All proceeds from the concert go to two local charities – MENCAP’s Brookleigh House & FirstLight Trust for forces veterans.

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