Aggressive father’s attack on mother

An enraged father allegedly threatened to kick his pregnant former partner in a legal-high fuelled attack.

As the couple’s two children watched on, violent Mark Frazer left their mother bloodied, black and blue after assaulting her with a tobacco tin.

Scarborough magistrates then heard claims the 28-year-old tried a DIY termination using his foot, chillingly warning her: “Get rid of it yourself or I will.”

Despite police reports and his victim’s statement, via video link from Hull Prison Frazer furiously denied the claim he attempted to kick his pregnant ex.

But after admitting the other parts of the assault, he broke down in tears as he directed an erratic foul-mouthed rant towards the court.

“I can’t be doing with this – I want to get out of here,” said Frazer, after magistrates ordered a Newton Hearing to establish if he tried to kick his ex.

“I’m not waiting for trials and that. I want sentencing today.

“I did not say this, sentence me today, I plead guilty to it.”

Magistrates still set a date for the hearing, with both sides set to meet in court on July 21 over the point, which magistrates were told would be a “highly aggravating” factor in sentencing if it ruled that he did try and kick her.

But Frazer did plead guilty to assault by beating at his victim’s Eastfield home on June 23.

And at Thursday’s hearing, the court heard how the couple’s young children had been present when Frazer hurled the metal tin off her face while she was four months pregnant.

The court heard they’d started going out in 2010, but stints in prison for Frazer coupled with his “aggressive” behaviour forced the pair to separate.

He would only visit, the court heard, when he came to look after the children.

But the incident put him back in jail until at least the sentencing hearing, after he breached his licence for aggravated vehicle taking.

Frazer wasn’t the only one in trouble – after prison staff warned red-faced court staff after someone left the microphone on during the break while Frazer listened in.