Flood prevention work gets underway

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Ground investigations are to be carried out in Filey ahead of a planned £5 million scheme that will protect hundreds of homes in the town from flash flooding.

Scarborough Borough Council, which is leading the project to improve flood defences in Filey, has commissioned a series of boreholes and trial pits in fields to the north and west of the town so soil and rock samples can be gathered and analysed.

The ground investigation work is due to be carried out over two weeks in May, with data about the type and strength of material in the ground set to bolster existing information gathered from previous works and monitoring programmes.

The investigation works have been carefully planned to cause minimal disturbance and once samples have been collected, the areas where the investigation has taken place will be returned to their previous state.

The results of the latest studies will help shape the design of the Filey Flood Alleviation Scheme, which is being developed by the council, with backing from the multi-agency Filey Flood Working Group and other partners, to provide protection to more than 550 properties considered to be at risk from a ‘one in 100 year’ rainfall event.

The idea behind the scheme is to create a series of swales and bunds around much of Filey to intercept run-off water from the higher surrounding agricultural land before it overwhelms the existing drainage system in the town. Some of the intercepted water would be diverted towards the sea, while some would be temporarily contained in storage areas – possibly in temporary wetland or ponds – until it could be discharged in a more controlled manner.

Cllr Mike Cockerill, chairman of the Filey Flood Working Group and the council’s Cabinet Member for coast and flood protection, said: “I’d very much like to thank the landowners affected for their co-operation.

“The majority of people in Filey will not notice the investigations and there should be very little disruption.

“The information yielded from this work will be very important in terms of the final design of the scheme which, when in place, will give peace of mind to hundreds of residents and business owners who remain quite traumatised from previous floods.”