Letter: Coffee Stop business is a much used facility

Coffee Stop.
Coffee Stop.

Re the Scarborough News report that Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) has confirmed that the Coffee Stop has to cease trading at the end of this month, as the owners were told the business did not fit with the aesthetics of the town, given its location outside the Brunswick Centre in Westborough.

This is after trading in this location for some seven years without complaint, and it is a much used facility, especially the disabled and old people.

I have signed the petition online for the retention of this valuable asset to the street scene in Westborough and trust that the people of Scarborough can rely upon the council support in reversing this decison.

I spoke to the owners when dropping in for a coffee and was astounded to be told that the canopy is rented from the council and despite asking for it to be replaced, the council has decided to shut down the business.

This decision to close down the business on aesthetic grounds is outrageous, particularly when the main comment on this business is the state of the canopy.

The picture above shows that the actual mobile unit is in a very good state of repair and it is the canopy provided by the council that is in an awful condition, being dirty, stained and with rips held together by black duct tape.

The owner also indicated that, if required, they have offered to repaint the mobile unit in any colour that the council wishes but, again, no response from them.

With a bit of imagination, the Coffee Stop could be more visually integrated into the
refurbished street by additional planters around the unit and a new canopy and be a valuable asset to the vitality and diversity of the Westborough shopping area.

Tony Freeman
Stepney Grove