Letter: Why a popular event should be retained

The council needs to think outside of the box.
The council needs to think outside of the box.

Re Scarborough cruise events:

This could have been and can be so different.

1. Marine Drive could be closed at both ends and gated.

2. A licence acquired to host the event.

3. Each end gated off with a marshall at each gate, supplied by the organisers.

4. A fee, maybe £5 a car, could be paid, which would then allow cars to park on the road.

This would make it a show as opposed to a cruise.

This would then render the pavements free to use for the pedestrians and no risk to them whatsoever as all of the cars would be stationary.

I have been to a few of these meets and I was indeed myself concerned for the safety of the people standing around. These events do bring revenue to Scarborough and they could bring a lot more if done correctly.

Pop-up stalls could be down there, selling related stuff, beverages etc.

This appeals to a lot of people.

The council needs to think outside of the box.

Whilst I understand the need for safety, we also have to think that events like this are good for the town, people go down in their droves to see the cars.

The actions of a few, shouldn’t spoil it for the majority.

Anne Richardson

Queen’s Parade