New landslip set to close old road

A DRAMATIC new landslip above Cayton Bay will lead to the permanent closure of part of the old Filey Road.

It is feared that vehicles could plunge down the landslip if the road is kept open, and Cllr Godfrey Allanson said it was a vindication of the decision to build a bypass.

No date has been set yet for the closure, nor has it been decided how long a stretch of the road will be shut. But bus company East Yorkshire Motor Services has already announced the permanent re-routing of the 120 and 121 bus services from Monday.

Between Mill Lane in Cayton and the Scarborough University campus, the bus will now take the new Filey road in both directions, meaning it will no longer be able to serve some stops.

Cllr Allanson, who represents the Hertford ward on Scarborough Council, said: “I wasn’t suprised because we were briefed by the county many years ago about the possibility of cliff slips. That’s why I have always supported the bypass.

“I was always fearful this would happen one day and we would have no other route. We got the bypass – and probably just in time.”

The road was the main Scarborough to Filey route until the new bypass, officially called the Scarborough to Lebberston Diversion, was opened in December 2008.

The new landslip is around a quarter of a mile from the Knipe Point housing estate where three houses have had to be demolished because they were in serious danger of plunging over the edge of the cliff due to the effects of a previous landslip.

Scarborough Council was recently awarded more than 1 million of Government cash to help Knipe Point residents move from their landslip-threatened homes.