Shock and sadness at Ed's decision to retire

Ed Asquith
Ed Asquith

Re Ed Asquith's retirement: Well, it’s hearty congratulations to Ed Asquith – the longest-serving editor of The Scarborough News! I must admit I had a feeling that he may take early retirement, yet it was a shock, and with deep sadness that I received confirmation of his decision in The Scarborough News edition of June 28.

There have indeed been “huge changes and challenges in the newspaper world”. Having completed 40 years in journalism, Ed truly deserves a well-earned break to pursue his personal interests.

I’ve known Ed for many years, and it has been a pleasure and privilege to have contributed to the Scarborough papers for 40 years.

I left the teaching profession which I loved, and found most rewarding and fulfilling, until I realised changes in education were becoming unacceptable, and the future quite regrettable.

In the year of 1978, I handed in my resignation and became involved with the then Scarborough Evening News and Scarborough Mercury. Maybe not a wise decision, but I’ve never looked back. My main interests were outdoors, and it’s thanks to the editor at the time and to Ed and his dedicated team for continuing to publish my articles. A new life began.

Forty years later, and I’m delighted to say that almost four thousand country and coastal features, natural history, and walks have been published. Every week has been a challenge, but determination wins the day, and my husband Michael and myself and Tigga have memories of North Yorkshire’s incredible scenery. Our dearest wish is that readers have shared our mutual interests.

I had hoped to retire when Ed decided to step down, but maybe I’ll continue until my 80th birthday, mid-September. Keep climbing mountains Ed, but Tigga and myself won’t be climbing

Ben Nevis – unless it’s in our dreams!

Maureen Robinson

Malvern Crescent,