The noisiest streets

Trafalgar Square. The street has had more official noise complaints than any other in the Scarborough
Trafalgar Square. The street has had more official noise complaints than any other in the Scarborough
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A Scarborough News investigation has revealed that scores of complaints over nuisance neighbours have been made in an area of town that’s been dubbed the ‘noisiest street in Scarborough’.

More than double the number of formal noise complaints were lodged against Trafalgar Square residents than in any other street in the borough.

But many other area have also been the source of official complaints.

One person called the council to complain that a milkman was making a racket as he carried out his morning round, and police were called over reports of noisy love-making, while elsewhere complaints have flooded in from residents over everything from loud dentistry to noisy bathing.

A resident who tirelessly fought to clean up Trafalgar Square said people shouldn’t be afraid of complaining about noise, while one councillor claims that in some cases, people need to show more common sense before lodging a complaint.

“I think the normal household noise issues is just something that you have to accept to live with,” said Castle ward councillor Janet Jefferson, who claims she’s often contacted from fed-up residents regarding noisy neighbours.

“Sometimes you just have to say ‘live and let live’. “But it’s when it’s that ‘boom, boom, boom’ noise, with loud music and shouting, that’s when noise becomes unacceptable.”

However, a Freedom of Information request to the authority has unearthed a series of all together more unconventional grievances. In one instance, a woman in Weydale Avenue complained that an eight-year-old girl in the flat above made unacceptable noise when she had her nightly bath.

One Filey resident complained of two neighbouring male ducks, which made excessive noise but only between the hours of 6am and 7am every morning.

Pleading for a council intervention, the disgruntled complainant ominously warned his neighbour is planning on buying more.

A man in Stapleton Close, Seamer, called the council and the police as he felt his neighbours were “very loud” when they made love.

A woman in Oxcliff said her neighbour made “sexual noises” and was a prostitute. Scarborough Council requested that an alleged escort should contact them to discuss it.

But the disclosure also highlights a list of other worrying complaints. Scarborough Council investigated a report that a 92-year-old Queen Street woman’s property had become overrun with drunks, who were “smashing the house up” at all hours.

There were concerns raised to the council that one set of parents in Longwestgate were locking their children in a cupboard to “shut them up”.

In Trafalgar Square, late-night screaming, banging and loud music were among the 45 issues that residents there highlighted with council and police between 2010 and 2013.

Colin Charles, chairman of the Friends of Trafalgar Square, said that a large number of the reports were made by both himself and his wife, who have actively attempted to rid the once-troubled area of what he calls the “idiot” element.

“The problem around here is that we have a couple of landlords who put any idiot in their property,” said Colin. “But you shouldn’t have to tolerate any sort of anti-social behaviour, even if it’s loud music or somebody with their television on too loud.”

He praised both council officers and the PCSOs for helping to clean up the area, but called on people who may feel intimidated from reporting noisy neighbours to pick up the telephone.

“People don’t need to be scared,” he added.

“They think the villain’s will find them, but it’s totally anonymous, and people shouldn’t be afraid top pick the phone up.”