Wrong to stop children using toilet facilities

Toilet block, North Bay, Scarborough
Toilet block, North Bay, Scarborough

While reading The Scarborough News (July 5) I could hardly believe what I was reading about, school pupils stopped from using North Bay toilets.

This is absolutely appalling I think, it’s absolutely mean and a disgrace of the council. No child or even anyone really should, in my opinion, have had to be turned away from using a toilet because of a no money to pay situation, especially an educational visit. It’s the same here in Whitby, if you have no change but a £1 coin - hard lines, no change. It’s daylight robbery. The council are never satisfied. Going to the toilet is a must of nature, you can’t blame what’s happening in the alleys, people using them as toilets at the price council are


It is a totally unfair, wrong situation and should not be allowed. In fact there should be some sort of law about it. The council must be making a bomb on these no return change toilets. I think it’s stealing from people. These turnstiles need putting right.

The council are making 20% if people have to put a 50p coin in, and more on the £1. This is what happened when I and a group of ladies wanted to use the toilet here in Whitby, we were stood outside fumbling for our coins, some had only £1 coins and some had 50p. We had to pay it or wet ourselves, of course no change.

Council, please show a good example to these young children and don’t be so selfish and mean. Please encourage their education, give them a good start in life.

Jean Thornton

Church Lane