Letter: Police response vehicles – in threes

Curious about policing strategy.
Curious about policing strategy.

Re: Police activity in Scarborough.

On February 19, 2017, at 7.30am, I saw three police vehicles driving along the Filey Road Crossgates at a very high speed, and two of the three were very close together.

The road was clear and no warning lights etc were employed. I was curious as to what could have justified such driving, and after making inquiries of The Scarborough News and being told that they were unaware of any incident, I then made inquiries of the police.

They told me that they had no record of any incident at the time stated.

Then last month on an evening around 8pm, I saw three police cars plus another car parked up alongside each other on the Filey Road at Eastfield.

There was no apparent reason for this, and whatever the incident, it seemed somewhat comedic as the police station was close by.

... And then on Sunday, June 3, I was driving along the road from Cayton Bay to Ayton, and just after the Holiday Camp on the left hand side of the road, I saw yet another set of three police cars plus an ambulance parked outside a group of houses.

A police officer was stood by one of the three cars. None of the incidents I witnessed have become known to the media. It appears that despite budget cuts, police seem to be responding to incidents – which are not deemed revealing to the wider public, and only in packs of three.

Mick Thompson

Byward Drive