DARREN FOREMAN: Glad to see back of dismal Ashes tour

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It was good to finally see the back of the dismal Ashes Tour in the last week.

Every morning I’d wake up early hoping England had finally woken up from their slumber and produced a better performance.

Every morning I was disappointed.

Abject performance after abject performance, and the only positives we can take are the emergence of Ben Stokes and the odd good effort from Stuart Broad.

I would personally avoid sweeping changes looking forward, but at least they have a break from the action now until Sri Lanka come to England this summer.

Questions will be raised about Andy Flower and Alastair Cook, but both will keep their jobs and I think that is the right move.

It was pleasing to see Ryan Blott notched his 200th Scarborough Athletic goal against Romulus at the weekend.

It is just a shame that most football fans in Scarborough won’t have witnessed many of them.

I take my hat off to the die-hard Athletic fans who make the journey to Queensgate week in-week out to watch Boro.

If I’m honest I haven’t seen a single of Ryan’s goals, purely because of the trip to Brid and back.

I went to watch Scarborough RUFC play Heath on Saturday with Pickering manager Mitch Cook and Scarborough News reporter Daniel Gregory, and it just goes to show what can be done in town.

You can jump in a taxi up to the club, enjoy lunch and a few beers and then be back home in no time.

Until the football club are back in town, they’ll continue to struggle to attract the casual fan.

We’ve mentioned it a few times now, but fingers crossed 2014 can be the year the Weaponness Leisure Village kicks into gear and we can get the club back into the town.

I have to say thank you to everyone up at SRUFC for what was a fantastic day.

You have to feel for Theo Walcott, who will miss the World Cup, and of course the rest of the season through injury.

Theo has just come back from an injury and was playing well for Arsenal and scoring goals, and England will no doubt miss him in Brazil.

The football world said goodbye to Portuguese legend Eusebio, who passed away last week. He truly was a legend and will be sadly missed.


Obviously this isn’t just a performance from the last week, but Darren Lehmann has totally transformed the Australian cricket team and they fully deserved their 5-0 win.


“England were all out in 32 overs.

After 32 overs I would have just been getting my eye in.”

Sir Geoffrey Boycott.