Siedlecki snaps up the glory at Staintondale

Lauren Siedlecki won two events at Staintondale
Lauren Siedlecki won two events at Staintondale

The conditions were almost perfect for competitors taking part in the Staintondale autumn hunter trial on Sunday with the recently refurbished cross country course bathed in sunshine throughout the day, ensuring an enjoyable event with a good share of clear rounds.

Everyone had a great day and the course rode well even though we had to take a few detours round boggy patches,” said organiser Debbie Green.

With classes for all levels of rider, in the junior section it was Chloe Howarth who got things underway with a win in the lead rein class on Cleo, with Tilly Adamski and Brier claiming the 12 and under title while Nicola Craggs took the top spot in the Novice Pony class with Rolo.

In the senior section Joe Gullen won the novice horse on Bud while the ever popular pairs class was won by Ellie Sedgewick on Buzz Light Year and Brooke Heelas on Rupert.

Lauren Siedlecki proved to be on super form with wins in both the Intermediate and Open classes on her talented horse Roo.

The Kennels hunter trial course can be hired for schooling at £10 per horse.

To book or for further information please contact Mandy or Stephen Hall at the Kennels on 01723 870289.

The next event in the hunt’s calendar is the opening meet which will be held on Monday when Jean Clemmit, the Master of the Staintondale, will be celebrating her 70th birthday.


Lead Rein

1st Connie Howarth & Cleo

2nd Harriet Swiers & Copper

3rd Honey Dallinson & Sean

4th Jasmine Simpson & Gem

12 and Under

1st Tilly Adamski & Brier

2nd Lauren Siedlecki & Herbie

3rd Tilly Adamski & Harry

4th Sophie Walker & Harry

Novice Pony

1st Nicola Craggs & Rolo

2nd Brooke Heelas & Rupert

3rd Molly Howarth & Buzz

4th Georgia Reeves & Kizzy

Novice Horse

1st Joe Gullon & Bud

2nd Abbie Pierce & Frankie

3rd Elaine Cheynie & Cosby

4th Georgia Mainprize & Cracker


1st Ellie Sedgwick & Buzz Light Year and Brooke Heelas & Rupert

2nd Henry Howarth & Bow and Abbie Pierce & Frankie

3rd Georgia Mainprize & Cracker and Layla Heelas & Storm


1st Lauren Siedlecki & Roo

2nd Ellie Sedgwick & Buzz Light Year

3rd Joe Gullon & Bud

4th Diane Hodgson & Milly


1st Lauren Siedlecki & Roo

2nd Diane Hodgson & Solly

3rd Lauren Burton & Monty

4th Lauren Burton & Tonto