Tinker gains his revenge against Vansey to take Yorkshire title

Mathew Tinker goes on the attack Ashley Vansey in their first bout
Mathew Tinker goes on the attack Ashley Vansey in their first bout

Westway ABC light heavyweight Matthew Tinker travelled to take on Cleckheaton’s Ashley Vansey for the second time after his bizarre disqualification for holding at their last bout a few weeks ago.

The pair’s first bout was looking like a close affair as it entered the third and final round before the referee disqualified the Westway man.

Tinker, 21, started the return fight for the vacant Yorkshire title in positive fashion, keeping Vansey at bay with his accurate jab.

Tinker’s tight guard and neater worked helped him score well, but the dangerous Vansey got back into the fight and bloodied the Westway man’s nose and bruised his eye.

Tinker kept to his gameplan and his neat work looked to be edging him towards the win and the Yorkshire title.

A pulsating final round saw the crowd on their feet, with Tinker doing enough to claim the decision.

Another Westway boxer, 18-year-old Chance Wedge, was in action at Dewsbury Town Hall where he took on Tommy Franks of the Sheffield School of Boxing.

Franks, a dangerous opponent ranked in the top 10 in the country, was kept at bay by the taller, rangier Wedge.

The Sheffield man was always looking to get on the front foot, with Wedge sticking to his jab and looking to counter with his back hand.

After two very close rounds of boxing, Wedge came out on the front foot for the third and final round, looking to catch the eye of the judges.

Wedge’s work in the final round was rewarded with a unanimous points decision.

Westway coach and matchmaker George Rhodes Snr said: “Both Matthew and Chance have trained really hard and have put the hours in.

“We trust what we’re doing in the gym and it seems to be paying off for us.”